Friday, July 2, 2010

Driving My Oven......

I imagine that when you read the title of this post you pictured me in my little car with a major kitchen appliance strapped to the roof but, that's not exactly what I meant.

Have you ever been so hot you thought you might would die?
You fantasized about your untimely demise and couldn't wait for it to come just so you could get some blessed relief?

Maybe that was just me.

Anyways, the story goes like this.
Sunday night I was on my way 80 miles south to see Boots get baptized at the church we're getting married at.
(Boots rededicated his life to God in March and just now had the days in order with the preacher to be baptized.)
After I got about 8 miles into my little journey my air conditioner, in 90+ degree heat, decides that I don't need it anymore and proceeds to warm me to at least 140 I bet, for the rest of the way.
Did you forget that none of the windows nor the sunroof has opening capabilities?

You wanna talk about hot--go back up to the stop of this post and start again.
I was that hot.

When I got to Boots' house my nice new turqoise dress was soaked with sweat that eventually dried into salt stains when I finally cooled off.

After church I swapped my black beast with Boots' macho manly cherry red truck and kept his nice air-conditioned ride until today while he worked on my air conditioner (it was the thermostat that gave out!) and surprise! gave me a new radio!

Now, I'm cruising in the tank with air-conditioning and tunes.
Thank ya, Boots!

The moral of the story is that junk cars provide lots of unexpected unwanted entertainment.

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