Saturday, July 24, 2010

I Give You......The Outside!

The paperwork has been signed, money handed over, and boxes packed.
Boots and I finally bought our first house!
Over the next few days I plan to show you the whole house, room by room.
Most of these pictures are at least a month old but I plan to interject new pictures and show you what we're doing to the house too.
Please enjoy!
(And comment!)

Here's the front of the house.
The home inspector said it faces east so that's nice.
I absolutely cannot wait to rip this sucker up.
I know me, I'm clumsy; I'll probably fall on this holly bush moving in.

This is the little carport.
The door to the right goes to the kitchen.
The door directly ahead goes to the hot water heater and whatever else junk we throw in there.
(Like my new lawn mower! 
Thanks, Boots!)

Flower bed on the outside of the carport.

Go round the corner to the little concrete patio and door to the dining room.

Back yard

Big ol' tree.
Boots and the home inspection guy measured this tree to be 14.5 feet around.

Here's another tree and a little shed Boots can throw some junk in.

(I took these pictures when we first looked at the house.
Sorry about the way some are centered and some are to the left.
I'm having difficulties.)


Anonymous said...

Looking good you two!

Anonymous said...

I love it and am so very excited for you two! Yay!!! Bonnie