Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Family Members

This is a longish update.
I'm not so good at daily posting.

Last Tuesday after work, I left my town for the next biggest city to hang out at "Camp Nana."
Camp Nana is something my soon-to-be maw-in-law came up with as a time to visit with her grandbabies.
She teaches them Bible verses and they paint crafts (I'm not brave enough for paint and kids!), she enforces good behavior and manners and expects fairness.

Camp Nana is a good way to practice your baby skills.
Such as not exploding when seven miniature humans all demand more chicken nuggets! at the same time!
Pee stinks.
Hot pee, cold pee, diaper pee, toilet pee.
It all stinks.
Camp Nana teaches you to eat when you have a chance.
Kids are an excellent diet.
You expend all of your energy chasing after them and caring for them.
Then when it's time to eat, you have to feed them and you forget to feed yourself until you're laying in the bed going to sleep and by that time you're too exhausted to move, much less fix yourself something to eat!

After I left Camp Nana Thursday afternoon I headed south to Boots' house to pick up his "child" Chloe and take her to my house.

Chloe is the one on the right.
The one on the left is my "child" Nikki.

You can't really tell in this picture but Chloe's right ear was shaved when she had surgery on a broken blood vessel.
The vet said she needed to stay inside a while so I'm keeping her until we get everything finalized with our house and Boots moves in.

Nikki is super hyper and jumps around all day everyday but Chloe is really chill and always relaxed.
She just sat in the front seat of the car looking out the window on the ride back.
Very calm and serene.
Staring out at the cows.
Really staring at the cows.
Staring like it would have been embarrassing for you if you were in the store and your kid was staring like that.
Is it still bad to stare or have we as society gotten over that since its widely accepted to be different and nowadays you want people to stare at you?
Please advise.

Chloe understands German.
I speak English.
We had a bit of a communication problem for the first few days but I think we've conquered the language barrier, at least I hope so.

Two dogs is a lot of work.
Its almost like having children.

And tell me this, why do dogs eat grass when they think they're going to puke?
Do you think that trick works on humans?

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