Friday, November 12, 2010

I was walking through town this morning and looking at houses.
Most of them are pretty normal/boring but, one old antique-looking story book house has a blue painted ceiling on the front porch.
How my eyes were drawn to a blue painted ceiling from the sidewalk twenty feet away, I don't know.
I thought, "Boots will never let me do that in our bathroom," and my eyes looked next at the old wooden vanity with flowers in a vase.
Like somebody would be sitting on the porch doing her makeup later.
Then I saw a tiny table with miniature chairs occupied by one Raggedy Ann doll having a silent tea party all to herself.
Had I had a camera with me, there's no doubt I would have taken a picture of this whimsical scene.
I'd have asked for permission first, saying to expect a post on this very picture in a few hours, and handed the person a business blog card.
I said all that to say this- I need cards.
Something pretty I can hand to people to point them to my blog.
But then when they get here they see this- blah!
I need a redesign and I need cards.


Marnie said...

That would have been a great picture.

Go to (I go to their Canadian site). The cards are reasonably priced, you can design them anyway you like.

Rachel said...

I forgot about that website! I'll have to check them out.