Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My phone is on its last leg call.
The crazy thing won't stop vibrating!
Its constantly buzzing, and I slide it open as an attempt to make it stop, but that only makes the screen go white.
Its useless, unless you need it to shake you to death.

I took my memory card out this morning since I'm sure I'll be chucking it out of a window soon and I'd like to keep the pictures I have on it.
Some of these are pretty funny.

A picture my boss sent me of his newest grandbaby when she was born.

Me and two of my cousins (and a sliver of my sister) when I graduated this past spring.

Here's me and my sisters.

Me, another set of cousins, and my sisters.

Me and my Popaw.
He's great.

The night before we got married, folding programs.

Chloe in the dog house

Two of my nephews in the bubble pool at the zoo

Boots sent me this picture.
Its a buggy of painting supplies he bought.

Our backyard when Boots and his buddy were tearing it up

Nikki says, "Roll Tide!"

Nikki swimming in the lake with my cousins

Two of my nephews


Marnie said...

I loved your pictures. I'm glad you were able to download them before getting a new phone. You looked beautiful on your wedding day:0)

Rachel said...

Thanks, Marnie!

But I'm sad that I wasn't able to save all of my pictures. Some of them are lost on the phone.