Friday, July 26, 2013

Week 20 (+ 2 Days)

I'm behind this week.  Wednesday was the day Mayhem was actually 20 weeks old, but we were busy visiting friends and family all day and I ran out of time. 

I intended to take his picture yesterday so that this would just be Week 20 + 1 Day, but he was the grumpiest, illest little boy I know all day yesterday.  It was ridiculous.  His longest nap all day may have been 45 minutes.  It was insane.  I didn't even think to take his picture until he was asleep and in the bed.  Although I thought about it there was no way I was going to sneak in there and take his picture and risk waking him up.  Just not happening.  

So here we are today.  20 weeks and 2 days old.  He still has not rolled over from his stomach to his back unassisted, but today the little turkey has been trying to roll from his back to his stomach.  What's up with that?

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