Monday, July 22, 2013

Mayhem's Room

Don't you just love a good room tour?  I do!  

Six weeks ago when in a rare moment Mayhem's room was perfectly spotless and arranged, I snapped these pictures so I could share it with some people that haven't seen it and keep it preserved for remembering later.  I am particularly proud of Mayhem's room, since it is the first room I have designed styled put together from the bottom up and picked out every single thing in it in some form or fashion.

Let's get to it!

Like all good room tours, I'll try to list details about items in the pictures.

Back in 2011, I had to have this room painted pale blue, specifically "Nordic Blue," a Valspar color from Lowe's.  Call it premonition.  I knew a boy would sleep in this room one day and if I was wrong and the boy was a girl, hopefully she'd like the blue color as much as I do.

I got the Alabama map from an interstate rest area lobby.  The glider is from a friend, my mom and I recovered it and the afghan thrown over the back was a wedding present from a relative of mine.  The rug is from a local rug shop nearby, I can give you the name if you ask for it.  The light fixture is also from Lowe's.  The curtains are from Target.  I bought one gray curtain and my mom and I split it to make two smaller ones to go outside the white sheer middle curtain.

I can't take any credit for this one really, although I did give the final vote: Boots picked out the changing table.  It's from Buy Buy Baby.  The changing pad and chocolate brown changing pad cover are from Buy Buy Baby also.  The mirror is salvaged from an old dresser given to me by my aunt.  The globe stand is an antique from my aunt as well.

The clock over the door was a wedding present for me and Boots from our Sunday School teachers.  Bifold doors: Lowe's.  The Texas map came from......Texas.  Boots' parents brought it for us when they came to visit in April.  The red fan on top of the bookshelf is called Vornado.  It's from Target.  The frame next to it is ModPodged with a map of our city and it's from a friend.  The little Noah's Ark figurine on top of the children's Bible is from my cousin.

This huge teddy bear is from my Popaw.  The green frog is a Valentine's Day present from Boots in 2010.  It's sitting on top of the play pen my sister gave him.  The purple lava lamp on top of the bookshelf has belonged to me since I was 11.  The bulb is burnt out in it now and I've been too lazy to replace it, but Mayhem likes watching the lava flow when it's going.

The nightstand is one that Boots had and the globe on top of it is a thrift store find from Meme.  The books on the nightstand are some childcare books that are waiting for me to read them.  The quilt thrown over the end of Mayhem's crib is one that my aunt, my cousin, and I made.  They picked out the material and sewed it together with a sewing machine and I quilted it by hand.  My part took me over a year off-and-on and I finished it about a week before I found out I was pregnant.

Mayhem's bed is from Wal-Mart.  I picked it out and it took me a considerable amount of time to convince Boots this was "the one."  I think he likes it now.  The green bedsheet is from a friend, but I think it came from Target.  It matches pretty well with the crib skirt that my mom and I made to help hide the stuff under the bed.  The red frames over Mayhem's bed are from Target and they have the first (6 weeks) and second (19 weeks) sonogram pictures of Mayhem.  The white frame is from Target also and I put Mayhem's crib card and all of our hospital bands inside it.  The box to the left of the crib is full of newborn clothes that I was trying to get folded and stored.

These two trash cans are from Target.  The one on the left is for wipes and disposable diapers, general trashy stuff that gets throwed away.  The trash can on the right is for cloth diapers.  They're both step-lids which is pretty handy when you've got your hands full of.....poop, and usually sitting straighter than they are right now.

The big basket on the right is where I keep Mayhem's dirty clothes.  It's made of acacia wood or something like that.  It's from Target.

Mayhem's closet.  Yikes.  It is even more packed than it was six weeks ago when I took these pictures.  The white bookshelf/toy box is from my cousin and so are most of the toys seen here.  The brown bag hanging is Mayhem's diaper bag.  It's a backpack from the purse section at Target.  The gray shoe divider hanger-thingy came from the dollar spot at Target.  I use it to keep blankets folded and clean when not in use.  The red and white bag on the shelf is a present from a church friend.  I use it as a back up diaper bag that I leave in the car.

Oh, look!  Here's the little angel now, wearing an outfit he has since outgrown.  The elephant is a Scentsy Buddy and it's from a lady at church.  He likes playing with it because it's big enough for him to hold onto.

One of my, ok, my favorite thing about this bed is the drawer underneath it.  Look at all the stuff I've got crammed in this bad boy!  Wipes, dipes, and blankets.

The baskets in the cubby holes of the changing table are just smaller versions of Mayhem's dirty clothes basket.  They're from Target also.  This one holds wipes and disposable diapers.

This one holds cloth diapers.

This one holds bath stuff and other......stuff.

This top drawer of the changing table is full of Mayhem's clothes.

I keep towels and burp clothes in the bottom drawer.

I try to walk carefully around this globe at night because it kind of rattles in its stand when you get too close to it.

Here's a book we were reading, but have finished, Listen, My Heart.  It was great.  Loved it.  It's an old one from my Dee Dee.  The butterfly box used to have thank you notes inside it with pretty bugs on them.  Target.

The monitor is from Wal-Mart.  It's an AngelCare monitor that we bought for Mayhem because it has a pad that goes under his mattress that's wired to an alarm.  It will go off (loudly I might add) if it doesn't sense any movement i.e. breathing, for 20 seconds.  It's probably the reason I can sleep so well at night and haven't hovered over him to make sure he's still breathing and with us.

Oh, the bookshelf!  It's from Bed, Bath, and Beyond from the Real Simple collection.  I put it together all by myself one night when Boots was at work.  It took me over three hours since I was baby-wrangling at the same time, but I was/am so proud.  And arranging the books in ROY G BIV took me a solid week.  I know they will probably never look this arranged again ever, but they're pretty to look at now.

The books are mine and my sisters, from our dad's house and our grandmother's.

Boots picked out Mayhem's carseat.  It's Chicco from Target.  The blue cover is from Carseat Canopy.  I had a coupon to get it for free and only paid shipping.

Well, that's it!  It still looks like this for the most part, besides sometimes the clothes and toys aren't as neat.  Did I leave out anything?

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