Monday, July 15, 2013

A Pencil With No Lead......

Yesterday on the way to church I was having a few thoughts about blogging so I spoke them into a note on my phone in case I forgot as I am wont to do.  But really, how could I forget crap like this?  I'm having one of those moments like I do about once a year.  You know, that moment when I seriously consider giving up blogging/writing for life because because!

Blogging is so narcissistic.  Who really is listening or cares about what I write that much?  I am so embarrassed when people tell me that they read what I write.  So why am I writing?  Why write if you don't want people to read it?  This is just stupid.  Shouldn't I have better things to do?  Is this how my life is going to be?  Documented on the Internet with poor photography?

The things I write about are really dumb and trivial, everyday blahdy blah blah crap.  I think I have some sort of blogging bipolar or something like that.  One day I'm all, "Subscribe to me!  Read my blather!"  and the next cringing, "Oh, gosh!  I can't believe you read that mess!"

Will futuristic scientists be studying the people of our time right now by combing Internet archives?  Geez, what a job!  Perhaps by then there will be legal stimulants stronger than coffee that are just as cheap and popular.

Where am I going with all this?  Nowhere, really.  I have no point.

Perhaps all this frippery is the introduction for when I write something actually worth reading.


Travel & Dive Girl said...

Ha Ha! We all have those feelings. I don't feel I have anything to say most of the time, but I write anyhow. I find it therapeutic, but lately I need to restrain myself from writing what I really feel because it just feels like whining.

Rachel said...

Sometimes you just have to write a whole post and then hit "delete!"