Saturday, July 6, 2013

Week 17 and 4 Months Update

I'm so behind.  My posting has really fallen off lately, blame it on the Internet, computer problems, laziness, et cetera.  These pictures are from Wednesday, the official Day of Mayhem around here.  Today is actually his 4 month "birthday." 

Also, I wrote a really awesome post Tuesday, but it's stuck inside my stupid phone.  Who knows when it will magically post?

Onto the part about the four month update!

-This past week's naps have been in the toilet.  Mayhem went from sleeping a solid two hours to maybe 20 minutes.  Kill me, that sucked!  But today......magical day that it turned out to be......he took (2) two hour naps!  That's four hours of sleeping.  It was divine!

-Sleeping at night also took a turn for the worse.  He went from waking up to eat once, maybe twice, to about four times a night!  Maybe he skipped the three month growth spurt and decided to apply it to four months?  I don't know.  Hope that magically improves tonight also.

-He's been doing lots of fun things lately, like "talking" on the phone to his daddy.  We don't have a clue what he's saying, but man, he means it.  He is very opinionated.  He likes to hold fingers and pull himself up off his back.  He starts out jutting his chin into the air and then pulls up with his baby biceps and flab abs.  It's the cutest thing and he'll do it over and over again.

-He's still wearing cloth diapers everyday and I still really like the whole process.  It's super easy, you should try it.

-He wears 0-3 months clothes that are big (nothing is cut the same) and 3-6 months clothes even though some are a little too big.

-Since his appointment last week he's been spending 1.5-2 hours a day in thirty minute chunks on his belly.  The first several days he screamed bloody murder the entire time, but now he's calmed down and somewhat halfway enjoys it.  He's pretty good at pushing himself up like a little seal and looking around the room.  Two days ago he started pushing his butt in the air and digging his toes into the blanket.  We've been hoping he would get mad enough to push harder and just flip on over and today he finally did!  He rolled the top half of himself over and stopped so I thought, "Ok, halfway is as far as we're going."  Another half second and he was completely on his back!  I was home with him alone and should have taken a picture to document the occasion, but it would have just looked like he was laying on his back. 

-The nurse practitioner said to start him on cereal at 5 months so just for kicks I fed him an ounce of milk with a spoon one afternoon to see what he'd do.  That went well.  I probably should have just poured the milk on his shirt and called it done, but that wasn't the point of the exercise now was it?

-He's kinda started laughing.  A gaspy sort of noise with a happy look on his face.  He squeals too, sometimes really loudly, but nothing is as loud as his sneezes.  He must get that from my Popaw.

Oh, four months.  This is getting so fun.