Sunday, April 11, 2010

Homemade Biscuits

In an effort to escape the box (or the can) I've been trying to branch out and make things from scratch rather than buy them premade.

Everybody knows (especially Boots) that I have this thing for The Pioneer Woman.
PW has opened my...not exactly...she's...
What can I say about Pioneer Woman?
She's The Pioneer Woman!

So, I've got this really easy-peasy recipe from her cookbook for homemade biscuits.
The biscuits themselves are really good, but the cook herself, i.e. me, needs practice.
I've made these biscuits twice and while I love them (since I put the work into them and I'll eat just about anything!), they are not quite refined enough for the culinary tastes of more delicate stomachs.

They need work.
They.  Are.  Thick.
Too thick.

I love a thick biscuit, but not so thick that they're not quite cooked (or is it baked?) all the way through.

They need work.

(I do have pictures of the first batch I made but, I'm still having problems with my laptop and memory card.  My apologies!)

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