Thursday, April 29, 2010


I don't have a lot to say since it's still pretty early and not much has happened yet.

1) I almost ran over not one, but two, cats this morning on my way to school.
A sign, perhaps?

2) Today, today, is the proclaimed unofficial last day of organized class as I/we know it complete with graduation practice and I'm sure lots of picture taking.
I think back on my last graduation practice a mere three years ago, yes, I am a baby, and  of how these will soon be people I'll probably never see again and remember somewhat fondly in pictures. 
I hope.

3) Speaking of pictures...
Yesterday I received my second year book from this place.
There's only two pictures of me in the whole 200 page complete color thing and in both of them my hair is a flat wreck.
Not a flat wreck, but a flat. wreck.
Awful, just awful.
Couldn't someone have warned me?!

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