Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oh, The Horror!

Where is that post about the chihuahuas that live upstairs?!
I was standing on the porch at my apartment this afternoon talking to my roommate when I felt something wet drip on me.
I screamed and she thought I had been stung by a wasp.
The dog upstairs on the balcony peed on me!!
I got peed on by a dog that doesn't even belong to me!!
I was furious.
I went upstairs and banged on the people upstairs door.
The man that looks like a white George Lopez answered and his wife peeked out behind him while I yelled at them about their dog taking a whiz on my face.
She said, "We're sorry."
And I sarcastically said thanks and ran back down the stairs before George Lopez pushed me down them.
I was so mad I was shaking.
I called the land lady and she was supposed to call me back after she got out of church but I think she forgot.
I'll call her back in the morning.
This ain't over yet.
I've got half a mind to put one of Nikki's turds on their mat.

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