Thursday, April 8, 2010

House Hunting

Apparently, my computer has lost its mind and unanimously voted that the relationship between it and my camera's memory card has ended.
They're no longer speaking.
(Sigh.  I never thought it would come to this.)
Therefore, I cannot show you any house pictures that I took Tuesday on the latest mission.
I'll just have to tell you instead (again!)

The House with the Red Carpet Porch was the first house we found.
Boots has been stalking it online for a week or two and we finally decided to check it out.
Drove out to The House with the Red Carpet Porch's neighborhood and matched up the numbers.
The house is cute.
It has a big front yard and a stone wall on the left side like The House on the Left.
A big kitchen and big living room with a side porch covered in red carpet.
We saw the pictures online and really liked it but once we got there we nixed it.
Location really is everything.
The neighbors across the street have toilets in the yard.
Waking up in the morning and seeing somebody's shining hiney on the pot out my kitchen window is not my idea of starting the day off right.

We turned around real quick-like and went one street over to our next address (this is kinda like geo-caching, right?)
The Wood College House.
The name tells it all.
Big, beautiful cedar house stained brown.
Big front porch.
Big yard.
Big carport.
Open the front door, step inside, big racket from the door pulling the linoleum back.
Not a good sign.
(I was feeling hopeful about this one because there was a huge pile of pennies in one of the carport windows.
I figured if that many pennies followed me to that house, it had to be a good sign.)
It had obviously been lived in by many college kids.
The carpet was nasty.
Nasty, nasty, nasty!
The walls all had stains and big holes knocked in them.
The furniture was nice though.
And for sale.
Boots said, "Can we buy the furniture but not the house?"
Sure these are minor asthetic problems but living in an old frat house for the rest of my life isn't exactly home sweet home either.

The last house of the day has no name yet.
My creativity for names has run dry with this house.
The Secret Garden House?
The Enchanted House?
The Mc House?
The Yard House?
I got nothing.
You've probably guessed by now that this house has some kinda yard.
Oh, yeah.
You drive inside the gate and there's trees, bushes, flowers, grasses, shrubs everywhere!
Its like you just stepped inside Better Homes and Gardens or something!
You walk through the carport into the living room where the walls are painted butter yellow.
So cozy.
The walls in the kitchen are painted a pale mint lime green with white cabinets.
The doors on the white cabinets are painted pale mint lime green to match the walls with little hummingbirds painted on the tops of them.
The lady's taste is eclectic but mine is too.
The dining room, oh, the dining room.
Its robins egg blue.
So pretty.
Boots' grandma's furniture would look so good against those walls.

The whole house is just gorgeous and I wish I could post the two pictures of the front yard that I took but, like I said, my computer and memory card aren't speaking and I can't figure out how to help them reconsile their differences.
You'll just have to trust me when I say that this is my dream house and I didn't even know it.
It just feels like home.
I want this house to be my home.

Boots and I are negotiating with our realtor lady and the people that own the house.
I hope this one is the one.

In the meantime, I'm dreaming and scheming, trying to come up with a good name.


Travel & Dive Girl said...

Good luck on the house. If it feels like yours - it will be yours and then you can call it "My House"...

Rachel said...

Thanks for the good luck wish!