Monday, April 12, 2010

Oh, The Horror! Part Two

So this morning...
Heh heh, you know this is gonna be good.

So this morning, I'm walking the dog, picking up the poop, walking to throw the poop away, and I see him- George Lopez is clomping down his stairs.
I just glared at him and kept on walking while I couldfeel the temperature and my blood pressure rising.
I made it to the doggy poopy dumpster and good ol' George was waiting on me by his truck.
I drop off my stinky deposit and turn to walk away.

Turn around, glare some more.

"I wanted you to know it was an accident and I'm sorry...blah blah blah."
Somebody is really pouring the heat to my blood pressure at this point.

"Blah blah blah...I took those dogs out three times yesterday.  He was just marking his territory."

"Oh, yeah?!  Well my face is not his TERRITORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
That's what I wanted to say, but all I did was glare.

"We're moving..."

"Well, that will be nice!"
I stomped off like a real you-know-what.

"I was gonna offer to pay for the shirt....."

"WHAT ABOUT MY FACE????!?!?!?!?!"
No, I didn't say that but, man, oh, man I really wanted to.

I was so mad.
I was mad all over again.
I stomped off to work with my angry eyebrows and called the landlady as soon as the clock struck 8.

No answer.
Doesn't anybody get to work on time?

I got busy doing funeral stuff though and forgot to call back but, not to worry, the landlady remembered she forgot to call me last night after church.
I proceeded to tell the story again and explain to her how furious I was.
She said she totally understood and would write them a nice nasty letter explaining that having peeing dogs, or better yet, any dogs, hanging out all day on the balcony was totally against the rules.
Thanks, landlady, my nice nasty letter wouldn't have been that nice.

In the meantime, the chihuahua people have packed up what I hope is their last truckload and left.
The dogtrack over my head has been quiet this afternoon so I'm assuming they've left for good.
Here's hoping.

And if, by some weird weirdness, the chihuahua people are reading this......
Idk what to say.
Thanks for the material?

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