Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Windy Days Deserve I-talics

Today was quite the blustery day.
I love blustery days.
I love the wind whipping through my hair and pushing against me when I walk.

I don't love the knots the wind puts in my hair.
Last time my hair got all knotted up I didn't brush it for two days in an effort to...
I'm not sure what I was trying to accomplish.
I just didn't brush my hair for two days and the knots fell out after two washings.

I think I'd like living somewhere where the wind blew all the time.
I'd probably have to do something practical with my hair though.
Like braid it everyday.
Or keep it in a ponytail.


Nicole Nyberg said...

Move here to Roosevelt Ut! Its windy every day of the week during the spring and summer. Great for flying kites...except that anytime that I want to go fly a kite, the wind stops! What is up with that?

Rachel said...

That's crazy! Everytime I fly a kite they get tangled up! We can't win.