Monday, May 13, 2013

My First Mother's Day

Future Mother's Days will never live up to my first one. 

Saturday night, Boots and Mayhem took me out to eat at a new fish restaurant nearby and it was really good, way better than you'd expect from such a tiny place out in the woods.

Sunday morning, we went to church where Boots got Mayhem to smile for a solid five minutes during the sermon.  It was so awesome and totally distracting.  ;)

We went out to eat with some friends afterwards and later I got to take a little nap before we went back to church.

We were part of the parent/baby dedication ceremony for Mayhem and six other babies.

Mayhem slept the whole time, but that's ok because it was more for us than him.

My mother, Mayhem, and me


Mother's Day for the win!

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