Friday, May 10, 2013

This week has been sort of uneventful as far as blogworthy news goes.  Just the regular ol' nap-fighting and baby loving.  I was driving to town to visit some friends at the funeral home and run a few errands this afternoon when the idea of what to write about hit me out of nowhere.  Literally.

Some guy's front bumper met my back bumper......

and my head met the window.

Mayhem met the cops and the fire fighters......

and we both got checked out at the hospital.

My car's a little banged up......

and I've got a goose egg on my gourd,

but everything is fine.

Poor Jimmy Lima.  (That's my car's name.)

Also, although I was at the emergency room, the real emergencies come in on the ambulance 
(obviously) not walk in on their own volition (me) because there was zero urgency or nervous panic like I expected.  We did get the hot doctor though.  ;)

I'm gonna be soooo pretty tomorrow.

1 comment:

Travel & Dive Girl said...

Oh no. Thank goodness you guys were okay and the damage was minor (except for your goosebump).