Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Week 12

Today was the best doctor's visit we've had.  Mayhem had to go for a weight check because remember last time she said he was kinda small?  I'll get to that in a minute, but first......

I met a woman in the well infant waiting room with a three week old baby her family had adopted when he was three days old.  (Her first son was adopted, her second biological.)  They'd been on a waiting list for two years and got a call from Missouri completely out of the blue, "Come get this baby."  They decided on a name on the way there and she said they still don't have his nursery complete.  She seemed very happy with her new son and I told her that I'd always been interested in adoption and that her story was special.  How awesome and surprising for her family!

When it was Mayhem's turn, we Mayhem stripped down to a clean, paper diaper and laid on the scale.  11 pounds, 2 ounces!  That's 5 pounds, 4 ounces more than birth and 2 pounds, 6 ounces more than four weeks ago.  His little dot moved up on the percentile chart, he's now in the 5th.  He also grew 2 inches in length in a month which she said was a pretty big jump for four weeks. 

I told her about me changing his feeding schedule from every 3 hours to every 2 hours and she was happy with what we'd accomplished.  She told me to keep it up and asked me did I feel like I should be mooing, haha!

I was very happy.  I've been sweating what might happen if he wasn't big enough.

We went to two of my old funeral homes and visited with a few of my old friends before I took him dress shopping (for me) at Dirt Cheap. 

For my Canadian friends, Dirt Cheap is like a fancy (not really) thrift store, only these clothes haven't been worn, they're extras that didn't get sold.  Some of it's junk, but if you dig you can find good stuff sometimes.

This was probably my most successful Dirt Cheap trip as far as clothes shopping goes.  They must have just gotten in a load of new stuff because there was so much to choose from and in my size too!  Tomorrow, I'll share what I got.

Here's the weekly Mayhem shots.  Notice the long sleeved onesie is now a 3/4 length onesie.  Time to retire that shirt, I believe.

After a quick grocery run to Publix and a small Midnight Truffle Blizzard from Dairy Queen for me, we came home and took a nap on the couch with Bonanza playing quietly in the background.

I woke up before he did and just lay there with him on my chest thinking about how one day he'll be too big for this and got a little sad because he'll never be this small again.  I'm in no hurry for him to grow up, but I am very happy that he is growing.  I'm feeling pretty successful as a mama today.

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Ginny said...

You are a very good Mommy!