Monday, May 6, 2013

Dear Mayhem,

Happy two months!

-You weighed right at 9 pounds at the last doctor's appointment and you are 21 inches long.  You're finally big enough to fit your cloth diapers and they make you look like you have a bumblebee butt.
-You still have all your hair, it just doesn't look as thick as it did when you were born because your head's bigger.  (It's that big, baby brain growing!)
-You are like your daddy in the aspect that you don't like to sleep.  We haven't figured out what you are afraid you're going to miss by sleeping yet, but we've promised we'll wake you up if something good happens.
-You like looking outside, we think it's because of the brightness.  Ceiling fans and fluorescent lights are big on your list too.
-You always fall asleep in the car.  The bumpier the road, the faster you're out.  (Listening to the dishwasher puts you to sleep too.)
-You like riding in your stroller on walks and riding in your pack when Mama or Daddy wear it.
-You have just started smiling in the past week, but you're still pretty serious.  We get the biggest kick out of your raised eyebrows and wrinkled forehead.
-When you sit in your bouncy chair you like staring at the monkey more than the giraffe or lion.
-When we talk to you, you look at us and sometimes you make noises like you're talking back.
-When you're hungry you honk like a goose.
-Sometimes you get mad and cry "laaaaaaa!"
-You're pretty good at holding your head up, but not so strong that we don't keep our hands behind your neck for support.
-Baths are starting to be fun.  You only cry when you get out of the water and are cold.  (You're not a fan of lotion, you just want your clothes on and in a hurry!)
-When you get mad you kick your feet like you're stomping.  Usually the right leg more than the left.
-We swaddle you with your arms straight down at your side and hope that you can't Houdini your way out because you like to throw your arms around to keep yourself awake.
-There's a Murphy's Law to clothing:  The outfit put on you because it's not particularly cute and I don't care if you spit up on it will remain clean and thereby worn all day.

We love you, baby!  You're starting to get fun!

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