Saturday, October 16, 2010

Let's talk about something that just makes no sense to me: Women football announcers.
One would expect them to be rough and tough and butch but, they're so girly...
I don't get it.
Is this why guys watch so much football?
Women football announcers?


Huntsville Mens Lax said...

I don't get this either... it makes my wife wonder since she thinks it's stupid to have them on the sidelines.
Also, I saw some of your pics of Nikki... and I think we have her older twin. My wife, also named Rachel, and I also have toy Poodle with VERY similar black/white/silver coloring(she's 11).
We live just outside of Huntsville AL, maybe we got the same breeder at some point.

Anyway congrats on the wedding and all, just thought I would leave a note since seeing your dog looking just like ours, I had to post something, and the fact that my Rachel thinks Nick Saban hates talking to the "sideline babe" at halftime.


Rachel said...

I'm so glad you commented!

Nikki is going on seven and she came from somewhere in Mississippi (I'm not sure where!)

That's so cool that your wife's name is Rachel, too!