Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Today I gave an old lady a ride home.
When I first saw her, I didn't stop.
I was thinking about Target and the supper I was cooking when I got home, I wasn't in the mood to stop and tell anybody that we weren't having visitation tonight, to go across the road to the other funeral home.
While I waited to turn out in the road there was a long line of cars coming and I saw her waving her arms at me in my side mirrors.
I decided maybe this was more than somebody that read the wrong name in newspaper, threw her in reverse and got out.
She told me the story of her "accident."

She was driving down the road and suddenly became blinded by the sun!
She ran off the road and struck a curb, bursting her tires!
She flapped over to the parking lot of the funeral home and was hunting somebody to borrow a phone from.

She called her husband from my phone, he didn't answer.
I offered to give her a lift and cleaned the crap out of my front seat so she could get in.
We chatted about my job, our cars, and our husbands.
I took her home, she gave me five dollars and I left feeling good about myself.

I went to Target and fell in love.

Whoa, Moses!  Aren't those cute!

Went home and cooked penne for supper.

The Bootshusband loved it.

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