Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Like a Rabbit

**Disclaimer: If reading rambling pointless posts isn't your thing, perhaps you should skip this one today.**

*If you missed the recipe links, here's the one for the eggs and the bread.

*Monday morning I woke up with a headache and didn't shake it off until Tuesday night.
I took a whole bunch of pills but, nothing helped.
I thought I really was dying when I put my contacts in the wrong eyes and couldn't see straight yesterday morning.

*Boots had a wee bit of a motoring accident in his work vehicle Monday.
He's ok but, the corner of his eye is black from his head hitting the seat belt holder thing.
The doctors checked his head out real good and so far he seems fine.

*This morning I was listening to the radio on my way to work and Toby Keith's new song "Bullets in the Gun" came on.
(I know some of you are positively stroking out right now about the fact that I listen to country music but, I can't help it, I've listened to it all my life.
Let a good Sawyer Brown song start playing and I'm six years old riding in the backseat of my mama's blue yacht-length Crown Victoria again.)
The song is pretty much a rhyming crime spree.
When he said, "Never see it comin’, just hits you by surprise," I thought, "Is that how so many people become murderers?"
Do most murderers just snap under the pressure of whatever duress they've been subjected to and just go on a rampage?
I'm not trying to justify murdering or anything like that, I'm just telling you how my mind runs.
All this from a song.

*Today's my Friday.
I'm looking forward to a long nap when I get off work.

*I want to walk the four mile loop with Boots again.
Here's to getting him motivated!

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