Monday, August 29, 2011

How To Dust......

So begins my nonscientific, nonexperimental experiment involving the delicate (and I do mean delicate) art of rearranging your dust bunnies and/or mites without disturbing one's allergies.

Whatever, I'm dusting again, this time with the Swiffer Duster 360*.  Boots came up with the title while he was begrudgingly taking my pictures.  Thoroughly not impressed he was.

Take one box like so.

Remove the handle or fork as I like to call it.

Open the packaging and toss paper aside.

Handle + fork = duster.


Take one duster thingy.


Stick the fluffy duster onto the fork handle.

And get busy!

This is the delicate part.  The teardrop glass drops kept clinking together and fearing my nerves of breaking!

Nikki was taking lessons and maybe even worrying about the possible carnage of the chandy too!

The hairy fibers of the fluffy duster are most susceptible to getting caught on the delicate wires of said chandy.

In conclusion, my Aunt Gia had an excellent idea of regularly maintaining my chandy's dust particulates; however, I'm not entirely convinced that Swiffer Dusters are going to do the trick.  Perhaps the search continues, yes?

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