Monday, August 8, 2011

Some Pictures of Stuff. Like My Kitchen!

Wanna see what my kitchen looks like right now?  Come on in!

Last Thursday, Bootshuzzy and my Uncle Roe (plus my two cousins/his kids) put these bad boys up while I was at work.  Thank you, thank you!!!!  Imagine the squeals coming from me each time Boots sent me a picture message!

Here you can see the dishwasher, pantry cabinet, and some other cabinet sorta thingies.  Yeah, I'm real good on describing the scene today--just let the picture do the talkin'!

(BTW- that white paint splotchy is where Boots vetoed my decision to paint the cabinets.  Wop wahhh.......)

(Oh, and those empty spaces- more cabs coming soon.  Promise!)

***The following photos were not taken by me; however, they were received by me via text message and I think that grants me the right to share.  If it doesn't, the photographer is my husband.  Sue me.***

This one raised the question, "What is he doing?"  Boots replied back, "He said he wanted to rake.  I ain't getting in his way!"

This one came with a caption: "Little mishaps screwed through a water pipe".  Whoops!

This is my cousin, Em.  She's checking out my new stove.  She sent me a facebook message later on that day, letting me know that the light in the oven works!

***Now back to my photos!***

Part two!

Me likey.

Just let me mourn a little, 'k?  I'm processing through it!

Oh, my dining room!

This is just to give you some perspective on the mess construction zone.

Yay, living room???

Just chew on that with your eyeballs for a while.  I've got a transformation!!! coming tomorrow!

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