Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wanna Buy a Roster?

The following are cell phone pictures that I've cleaned off my phone from the past week.  Most of these are things I've seen, wanted, and not bought (so what, I'm cheap!), some are pictures I've sent Boots, and some are just plain funny.

Bonus points if you figure out the title!


You know I love peacocks, right?

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a possibility (my Uncle Roe thinks he can make me one) of what might go in that teeny hole between the pantry cabinet and my new dishwasher.  That particular cabinet that I had to special order from Lowe's wouldn't fit.  Apparently we did some miscalculating with the tape measure somewhere.

This is the biggest jar I've ever seen!  I need one for something.


Bread box in the Target.

Bowling Friday night

Me and Haley snuck off to a huge! yard sale Saturday before Boots put us to work.  I exaggerated that huge, btw.

Is this for a baby?

This was taped to the door of the Ace Hardware store.

Would someone please tell my husband I need this!  It's on sale!


Sarah said...

Hi! Came across your blog by way of Raising Colorado.

Love those shelves that you think your uncle can build. Can he come build some for us? We have a good size kitchen that is poorly configured. And we're trying to sell our house -- not happening with kitchen in its current state. We've considered expanding our lower cabinetry and have considered a similar shelf configuration. Were you able to make this work? Got pics? Thanks!

Rachel said...

Those shelves actually aren't what we wound up going with. We bought a board from Lowe's and cut it to fit between to cabinets. We stained the board the same color as the cabinets and it looks pretty good!