Friday, August 26, 2011

Now I Know......

At the advice of my Aunt Gia, I bought Swiffer products for the first time.  Publix had a sale(2 for $8) this week on select Swiffer things so I figured it was just as good a time as any.  Not knowing what the difference really was, I got the Swiffer Dusters and the Swiffer Dusters 360*, both in starter kits.

Her reasoning for me getting the dusters?

My chandy.  

She thinks a weekly swiping with a duster will keep him (chandy is masculine, right?) looking gorgeous for years to come and save me any heavy cleaning.  

Good idea.

I thought I'd do a little experimenting and test out the magical powers that the Swiffers hold; however, there is some assembly required before you begin.  Something like, "Click, Fluff, Dust".  Simple enough.  It was somewhere between "fluff" and "dust" that I figured out what the difference between the regular duster and the 360* duster is.

This is the regular Duster, already dirty with swiping over the tv.

360*, it ain't.  Get it now?

Magical, be it not either.  

I only dusted half of the glass shelf.  The dirty part in the front is post-duster, the dirty part in the back has never been touched.  This is the part where after seeing dust clouds floating in the sunbeams I gave up.  Let's not disturb anybody's allergies, please.  Perhaps my house is just too dusty what with all the construction going on.  Maybe these are meant for "light" dusting, like chandys (chandies?).  More on that later.  That experiment will have to wait for the Boots to wake up so he can take the pictures of me practicing the art of dusting.

360* next time.  Promise.

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