Monday, August 1, 2011

Remodeling Progress

***Originally, this post was planned for this past Monday, but due to time restraints, scheduling conflicts, work, and lack of sleep, its late.  Enjoy.***

Lots of things have been happening this past week so here's a photographic recap to bring you up to speed.

One night (I can't remember which) Boots picked up our flooring (maybe it was Wednesday?) and bought 9 miles of quarter round to go throughout the house.  There was no quarter round in the house before and I'd never even known that's what it was called so quarter round has been a new/learning thing for me.

Shouldn't it be called fourth circle?  Just saying.

With the help of two of our friends we got all fifty-something boxes unstacked and restacked with the plastic pulled off for breathability.  Its being stored in our extra bedroom right now, awaiting its fate!

Another night (possibly the night before the floor?) Bootshandyman blew the popcorn texture onto the kitchen ceiling.  This is just the cell phone photo he sent me at work.  I'll be sure to post a better picture when lighting permits.  (We're kinda without a central light fixture in there but we bought an exciting replacement!)

What you're looking at now is our carport.  Most of this is stuff we salvaged from Daniel's house and is being temporarily stored but a lot of it closer to that white door is our crap from the shed.  We had a little water leak in there a few days after our major water leak and everything had to come out for the repair work.

Friday morning, Lowe's called.  They said they'd be at our house in an hour with our order of cabinets ( minus one, more on that later) and our range and dishwasher!  Its 6:30 AM, Boots hangs up the phone, rolls back over asleep and I bounce out of bed to go clear those guys a path because they're obviously gonna need it judging from this photo.

Actually this is the path I cleared.  Pretty sad, right?

Poor, dirty little step.

Our mess from the ceiling redo in the kitchen.

Here's a shot of the wall where the cabinets will go.

This is looking toward our living room.  Its chaos.

While I waited for the delivery truck and found my lawn mower that Boots bought me last summer before we closed on the house, and got to work mowing down our grass that has returned with the monsoons we've been having lately.

I was almost through mowing when the truck drove up.  And the first thing they unloaded was this baby!

Yay, cabinets!

Oh, and the vent! 

These cabinets are just the basic unfinished oak cabinets that Lowe's carries.  We made a new friend with the cabinet man at Lowe's and he helped us design where they will go and what sizes we needed to buy.  One cabinet had to be special ordered from the manufacturer and its costing us in shipping almost as much as the cabinet itself.  Its pretty necessary to making this work without the use of fillers and we consider it an ok deal since these cabinets were so cheap cost effective.  We plan to paint them the same color as the trim in the whole house so the light color can brighten up the kitchen and be all matchy-matchy.

Tuesday, Boots got all crazy with the carport mess and donated the whole lot of it to Habitat for Humanity ReStore, where he bought me a pink flashlight and a pink pair of scissors......

......that you need scissors to open.

(Sweaty photo, I'd been working in the yard for an hour.)
(And I got chewed up by bugs!)

Found a frog hiding behind my rosebush.

***More photos and updates later! 

Probably much later.***

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Stefanie said...

Wow!! Now that is a remodeling project. It will be so great when you are done, and know how much of yourself you have put into it. I love remodeling our old farm house.