Friday, January 14, 2011

A Double Life

Last night, the Boots broke down and bought a shop-vac in an effort to not spend a million dollars in quarters the next time he wants to clean out his car.
After he was done I "borrowed" the shop vac from him and vacuumed cracks.
Cracks in the couch, cracks along the wall, all full of crumbs before but no more!
My cracks are clean!

This shop-vac thing has got me thinking: in theory, could a shop-vac double as a carpet cleaner?
Could you sprinkle stuff on the carpet and then suck it up to clean the carpet?
Does this sound dangerous?

(I've also been thinking, how many people come read my blog and never come back again because I don't post regularly?
How many potential followers have I lost?)

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