Monday, January 31, 2011

I Forgot Your Birthday......

Last week was Eating Crow Pie's birthday (Yay! One year in operation!) and I missed it.
(I didn't do a "Happy Birthday Blog" post, haven't I violated some sort of bloggy rule?!)

In my defense, I had intentions, but when I got home I was greeted with an enormous poopy stinky pee mess that had to have my immediate attention.
Lemme tell ya, its not going to be a good night when you come home to poop, no it is not.

I suppose I was supposed to do a birthday celebration giveaway, but with the mood I was in after all that disaster cleaning it would have been was a Ziplock bag of poop shipped to you the next day.
You're welcome.

By way of forgetting to post, I also forgot to do my 100 Days of Marriage post.
Remember when I posted about my last 100 Single Days?
I accomplished #1 & 2, still working on #3 & 4, #5 is 1/2 complete I'd say, and of course, #6 is done.
You know, I do not miss that wedding planning at all, at all I tell you!

Since I'm laying it all out today, have you been remembering that I'm forgetting to finish my story of how I met Boots?
I've had you in suspense for Part 2 nearly three months now!
I'll get to it I promise.
Wouldn't it be cool if I posted that for V-day?
Yeah, that's what I'll do.

I, Rachel, curator of Eating Crow Pie, so avow to finish Part 2 of meeting Mr. Boots and post it on the fourteenth of February in honor of the love events of the day even though I do not adore the blessed commercialized love day!
(February- I cannot pronounce that word correc-it-ally.
Is it "Feb-ROO-ary" or "Feb-YOU-ary"?)

Here lately, I've been paying more attention to fashion in the world around me.
You can thank Kendi.
Hear I go, trying to be all fashion-y.

Shirt: Target $10
Pants: Target $24.99

I thought this was going to be a fashion win but it was a fashion fail.
I just felt frumpy.
Not as cute on me as it was in my head.
Oh, well......try, try again, right?

I know you're confused now.
You're probably all, "Why is she standing on the toilet?" or maybe, "Why is her counter so cluttered?" or "This is a fashion blog now?"

#1: there is no full length mirror in my house.
There will be after Boots and I finish our bedroom; we're planning on mirrored closet doors.

#2: I was in a hurry!
No time to clean since I had to sneak this picture without Boots seeing me and making fun of me.

#3: no.
I don't know what I am.
One day this is a comedy blog, the next day its a romantic story telling blog.
Then its a sad, gripey blog.
Some days it a cooking blog, a photography blog, and now I'm posting my clothes!
Its a hodge-podge blog--I'll write about anything!

Here's looking at you kid, Happy Birthday!


Marnie said...

Congrats on your bloggoversary :0) I forgot to celebrate mine too. Now if you forget your anniversary, then you are in some serious doo doo ;0)

Rachel said...

Oh, no! I mini-celebrate every month to keep him (and me!) reminded!