Friday, January 21, 2011

Today I......

~poured a bag of kitty litter in the back of Boots' truck to soak up the gas I spilled (don't ask)

~smiled like Scarlett and said, "Nothing," when the car salesman asked me what he could do to earn my business today (was that harsh?)

~watched an overweight girl cry on MTV because she was out of shape

~got motivated to go mostly walk/barely run

~cleaned out the flower bed cuz I'm ready for the summer time

~made ice cream flavored with mint, jalapenos, chocolate, cinnamon, and vanilla (it's more like mousse)

~shocked Boots by rejected the bread sticks at Pizza Hut because I'd watched the cook touch them without gloves (he thinks I'm so passive)

~got all excited to see that The Dark Knight is coming on TNT tomorrow night! (RIP Heath Ledger)

~decided it was a good day

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