Friday, January 7, 2011

Today I took Ol Black to get the oil changed and the guys at the oil change place told me that the valve cover gasket thing is leaking and needs to be replaced and the- "Hey, Boots! Come listen to what he's saying!"
Apparently, something's wrong and it needs to be fixed.
I was hoping things weren't going to start falling apart but it looks like my luck has run out.
We left the oil change place with notations on what needed to be fixed and me with an ever-growing case of the Anxieties.
Is the end of Ol Black's life approaching?
Should I be preparing for the final days?
We rode down to the Masda place so I could drool a little closer over this "Celestial Blue" five-door 6.
Boots and I don't agree on what's the best way to avoid the carsalesNazis.
Boots said we should drive Ol Black right up to the one we wanted to see, hop out, and jump right back in and drive away.
I thought, and this is what we did, parking on the side of the building and running to the car and running back would be the quickest, draw the least attention, and maybe keep Ol Black in the dark about what we were doing.
Boots thinks I'm an idiot I'm sure.
So we walk briskly, heads down, eyes averted so maybe we'll magically become invisible and not look suspicious.
Oh! Boots took me in a pawn shop and I felt straight up like a criminal.
As far as the car......
$21,000 brand new.
That's practically a year's pay.
Is that how you're supposed to do it- dedicate a year's pay to whatever you need to buy?
What if you're not married?
No way that would work.

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